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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsGlaucoma Treatment Market to Grow to $3 Billion

Glaucoma Treatment Market to Grow to $3 Billion

Glaucoma Australia has welcomed news of new treatments for glaucoma, but cautioned that more innovation is required to achieve treatment compliance.

According to a report from research and consulting firm Global Data, innovative first-in-class drugs, such as Rhopressa/Roclatan, Vesneo, and trabodenoson, and the introduction of additional fixed-dose combination (FDC) products, such as Tapcom/Taptiqom and Simbrinza, will be introduced to the market over the next eight years.

The firm stated that as a result of these new products, the treatment market for glaucoma will rise in value from US$2.4 billion in 2013 to approximately $3 billion by 2023 across the seven major markets (7MM) studied of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and Japan. This represents a moderate overall Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.4 per cent.

Geoff Pollard, Chief Executive Officer of Glaucoma Australia said an increased range of products would help clinicians to individualise treatment for people with glaucoma, however “with over 50 per cent of people stopping taking their eye drops within 12 months of therapy being initiated, medication adherence is one area that would also welcome innovation… one that would increase sales for pharmaceutical companies
at the same time”.

“Adherence is a major factor in halting, or at least slowing, visual field deterioration that still leads to blindness in 10 per cent of people with glaucoma despite a multitude of treatment options being available,” said Mr. Pollard.

According to Dr. Catherine Daly, GlobalData’s Senior Analyst covering neurology and ophthalmology, sales for glaucoma treatment will remain relatively flat until 2016, followed by a period of sustained growth due to the arrival of pipeline drugs.

“The six products anticipated to enter the 7MM during the forecast period will collectively generate sales of $672 million by 2023, constituting a 22.2 per cent share of the global market,” said Ms. Daly.

“Aerie’s Roclatan is forecast to achieve the highest sales among these drugs, and is expected to generate approximately $262 million in 2023. Significant uptake of Roclatan in the US, due to the drug’s enviable position of becoming the first prostaglandin, analog-containing FDC product available in this large arena, will be the main overall market driver.”