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Friday / June 21.
HomemioptometryMaking Your Practice Work Your Way

Making Your Practice Work Your Way

Optometrists working together to achieve their goals… it can work!


Andrew McKinnon

There’s nothing better than a story with a happy ending, is there? But in optometry at the moment, happy endings don’t seem to be very common. Well, try this.

Two optometrists are working in their own practices, pretty close to each other. Both have rents to pay, staff to worry about, repairs, electricity, gas… And, when they want to go on holidays, either the practice stops or they hire a locum. You know the scenario – it is being played out all over Australia every day of the week.

Have a look around you and see if there might be some potential benefit in
an amalgamation – it can’t hurt to ask!

But what makes this story different is that these two optometrists did something about it.

They combined their practices! Genius!

All of a sudden, one rent, one set of staff, one electricity bill etc etc. And when one goes away, the other covers… and because the patients have come to know both of them, they’re happy to see the other partner. I think this ticks some boxes:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Amortisation of equipment purchases
  • Resource sharing
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced quality of working and personal life
  • Greater profitability

And all without doing anything extraordinary or incurring any substantial costs. So how about it? Have a look around you and see if there might be some potential benefit in an amalgamation – it can’t hurt to ask!

On another note entirely, the recent changes at Luxottica certainly came as a shock to many in the industry, me included. Sometimes it takes a major re-shaping in order to kick-start a business, but my immediate thought was for the many outstanding people who had made Luxottica their professional home for many years, some for virtually their entire careers. Now I know that Lux has been a fierce competitor in the marketplace for many and for some, sympathy might be hard to come by.

However, I have long said that if I had to have a competitor, I would like it to be a company with the integrity and stability that Lux has by and large exhibited over many years.

And that brings me back to the people who have now been moved on. Even if you did see Lux as a competitor, the people involved were men and women of integrity, passion and a genuine desire to advance the profession of optometry. That has certainly been my experience and I am sorry to see them go.


Pete Haydon

We’re delighted to be nearing the launch date for SRC 2015, happening at the Pullman and Mercure in lovely Albert Park, just a few minutes from Melbourne’s CBD.

In selecting the new home for SRC we’ve taken great care to ensure that the needs and feedback of delegates, exhibitors and sponsors alike have been taken into consideration.

For us, the strength of the educational program will always remain the primary consideration. This is coming together nicely with Jeffery Gerson and Nathan Lighthizer confirmed as our overseas speakers, accompanied by a range of local ‘legends’ discussing the latest clinical and business-focused developments.

We retain a strong offering for our delegates and supporters including:

  • Cutting edge CPD;
  • The largest number of optometrists in one place in Australia annually;
  • Reduced delegate pricing from 2015 reflecting a two-day conference;
  • The maximum time possible carved out of the program for delegates to catch up with each other and enjoy the trade show.

SRC aims to maintain the best educational program in Australia – it’s what our delegates demand of us
and it’s why they continue to attend year after year. In addition, our event is run to benefit members, not to generate profit. All surpluses generated are ploughed back into member-facing programs and services.

From 2 November you can check out the new SRC website by visiting optometry.org.au/vic/src. Here you
can register, catch all the latest information about the program, and book your accommodation if you need to.

The hotel is offering extraordinary prices for our delegates in both four and five star hotels. I highly recommend making a weekend of it.

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