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Friday / June 21.
HomeminewsTrevor Inglis Retires from Younger

Trevor Inglis Retires from Younger

Trevor Inglis has announced his retirement from Younger Optics where he held the position of National Sales and Marketing Manager. He will be replaced by Samantha Crooke, a qualified optometrist who has worked in the optical industry for many years, including a stint as Territory Manager at Younger from 2008 – 2010.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Mr. Inglis said he retires, after 35 years in the optical industry “with some healthy uncertainty as well as a dash of excitement about his future” which will include “completing a few projects at home, reducing his golf handicap and enjoying the world”.

He said his time at Younger has been extremely rewarding having witnessed significant technological progressions which have benefited both optometrists and consumers, including the development of freeform technologies. Most recently, Mr. Inglis said, he was inspired by the launch of Camber Lens Technology. “The Camber Lens is really taking the technology of freeform to the next level, using really basic old fashioned technology to achieve it.

“It’s a great feeling to have seen it come in, to have understood the technology and been part of its release. But it will be unfinished business to me because I won’t see the changes it makes to the optics industry and to Younger. That said, it gives Samantha something to springboard from.”

Mr. Inglis has spent the last month travelling Australia and New Zealand with Ms. Crooke, introducing her to clients and farewelling long term acquaintances.