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Sunday / June 16.
HomemiophthalmologyWhat’s on the Box is What’s in the Box.

What’s on the Box is What’s in the Box.


The pursuit of perfection, the desire to do better – it’s what makes us discover, create and innovate. It’s evolution. It’s revolution. It’s the process that has brought us PreciSAL – Precise Soft Acrylic Lenses – by MBI.

In every way – quality, precision, performance, usability and repeatability – PreciSAL lenses out-perform other IOLs.

The way they are made: tray-polymerised and then lathe cut, eliminating the occurrence of glistening and, consequently, mie-scatter. The way they behave: the unique hydrophobic acrylic material becomes soft and easy to inject at 11oC where they unfold and centre perfectly. The way they perform: available in 0.25 Dioptre increments with a manufacturing tolerance of 0.125D allows for unprecedented accuracy. And you can be assured what’s on the box is what’s in the box.

PreciSAL represents a significant advancement in ophthalmic surgery – single platform lenses that will return clear, sharp vision to your patients.

Exclusive to IQ Medical: (AUS)08 8357 8022, www.iqmedical.com.au

Disclaimer: This is an advertising promotion. The opinions expressed about this product do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Toma Publishing and its subsidiaries.