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Tuesday / May 24.
Homemioptometry2016: An Opportunity to Promote Optometry

2016: An Opportunity to Promote Optometry

The year ahead is important for optometry and community eye health.


Genevieve Quilty

2016 is an important year for optometry and public policy settings with a federal election taking place and significant reviews underway in the Medicare Benefits Schedule, private health insurance and the management of chronic disease.

This is an election year so political parties are listening carefully to voter and professional association concerns as they prepare their own case for either re-election or election back to government. For Optometry Australia an election year is an opportunity to promote the vital role optometry plays in the lives of all Australians to politicians more keenly listening to voter concerns.

Optometry Australia has been putting its case before politicians during the first quarter of 2016. We attended three political party summits dedicated to eye health over February and March with the Greens, the ALP and the Coalition to present the case for sustainable eye care public funding and had separate meetings with key politicians and other influential professional associations.

At these summits, the major political parties highlighted the balance between public investment and a calibration of spending. We know that government funding of optometry services has been reduced through the 2014 budget and we are reminding politicians that this disinvestment has consequences for our profession’s ability to meet the growing eye health needs of local communities. During 2016 there will be further opportunities for members of our profession to partner with Optometry Australia to meet and discuss these matters with their local political representative. Stay tuned – our website will have more details as this advocacy program is rolled out.

Separately we have been producing a number of resources to help members adjust to the MBS changes to ensure their practices remain sustainable in the future – check out the website for information including our MBS Patient rebate guide and case studies. www.optometry.org.au/for-optometrists/professional-practice/medicare/


Andrew McKinnon

Do you groan at the thought of attending another conference that looks and sounds just like the last one? Do you only drag yourself along because the Board makes you do it?

Then welcome to Super Sunday – your Conference with a Difference right in the heart of vibrant Sydney at the door of Redfern railway station, with loads of onsite parking.

And then there’s the program – again, we strive to give you something a bit different: Rachel Clements, psychologist, will offer our midday key address on mental health issues in clinical practice, a session absolutely not to be missed; Prof. Fran Boyle, oncologist and Dr. Michael Hennessy talking about cancer management in primary care optometry; Prof. Stephen Dain and Tim Thurn debate the pros and cons of blue light; and Andrew Hogan explores the murky world of technology in practice – and how it can really boost your productivity without decimating your bank balance.

And, of course, that’s just the beginning.

Despite only being in its fifth year, Super Sunday has rapidly built a reputation as CPD with a twist. The program offers something out of the ordinary, the format makes the best use of your time on the day and the single-day structure means that visitors to Sydney actually get time to catch up with friends and family, rather than being trapped in a multi-day conference for the whole weekend.

Super Sunday Details

8am–6pm, Sunday 29 May (with workshops on Saturday 28 May at UNSW & CFEH, Randwick) Australian Technology Park, Redfern

The program is available at

Registrations are now open.
Contact (AUS) 02 9712 2199 or


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