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Monday / July 15.
Homeminewsmivision Expands Clinical Education

mivision Expands Clinical Education

mivision has expanded its professional education offering, with optometrists in New Zealand now eligible to gain points by reading education articles in the printed mivision journal and completing the corresponding educational modules online at mivision’s Independent Clinical Learning Centre. Previously, only Australian optometrists were able to earn professional development points from mivision.

The optometry educator recently made significant changes to its online learning centre that enhance reporting processes and keep participants up-to-date with their CPD progress.

Todd Tai, director of mivision, said mivision’s online education centre had been extensively worked on since last October to meet the needs of a significant number of optometrists who now turn to mivision to acquire many of their required professional development points.

“Some of the enhancements we have made include the ability for optometrists to generate their own personal learning history report. With optometry associations now actively auditing optometrist’s CPD points, this is particularly useful,” said Mr. Tai.

a significant number of optometrists… now turn to online learning to acquire many of their required professional development points

The report, which is instantly generated and emailed to the user at the push of a button, presents all the courses the optometrist has completed, as well as the number and type of points (ie. therapeutic / manufacturers / standard) earnt since first registering with the mivision online learning centre.

Additionally, a progress bar shows participants in real time, the number and type of points they have collected in the current registration period.

Mr. Tai said another useful feature built into the upgraded website is the automatic generation of CPD Completion Certificates upon successful completion of each module.

“The certificate is generated as a PDF and records the name of the CPD Course, the participant’s pass mark, points earned and date of completion. These can be saved as an email or PDF at the time and also, requested at a later date.”

Tailored for NZ CPD

To enable optometrists in New Zealand to complete locally approved and accredited CPD models via the mivision Independent Clinical Learning Centre, mivision has complied with the New Zealand Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board’s professional education requirements.

Optometrists in New Zealand can earn a maximum of 20 points through mivision and can monitor their accumulation of points using the new Progress Bar and reporting system. Reflecting the different accreditation system in New Zealand, the Progress Bar will log General points “G” and Clinical Points “CD”.

Mr. Tai said mivision was excited about offering professional learning to optometrists in New Zealand. “The mivision learning centre has been operating for five years now and the number of participants has organically grown as more and more optometrists realise how convenient online learning is and realise the quality of education we provide. mivision works with the most highly respected optometrists and ophthalmologists to ensure the CPD we offer is cutting edge, relevant and useful in everyday practice.”

mivision Education Grows by 45 Per Cent

In the past CPD year, membership to the mivision Independent Clinical Learning Centre has grown by 45 per cent to 1,774 optometrists from 1,218 the previous year. These optometrists completed an average of nine CPD modules each and earnt an average of 18 CPD points through mivision’s Clinical Independent Learning Centre. In total, optometrists in Australia earnt more than 31,900 points in 2015 through mivision’s clinical learning centre.

Australian Members Data as of 30 November 2015