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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsHoya Wins Best Coating

Hoya Wins Best Coating

Hoya’s Diamond Finish has been selected as the best lens coating by NSL Analytical Services, an independent laboratory in Ohio, USA that specialises in ophthalmic lens testing.

In rigorous tests of premium coated lenses simulating real-life wearing conditions, Diamond Finish outperformed its competitors on all three features shown to be of primary consumer concern: durability, cleanability and scratch resistance.

Lenses were initially measured by a spectrophotometre and subjected to oscillation in the range of 150 cycles per minute for four minutes with a specific substance. They were then measured again and compared to an ISO reference lens (uncoated CR-39 lens) giving the final Bayer value: the scale of scratch resistance.

According to a statement by Hoya, a lens coated with Diamond Finish proved to be over 29 per cent more durable than a lens with the second-most durable coating tested.

In a subsequent test to evaluate cleanability, lenses were subjected to 20,000 rubs with an ISO linear abrader and microfibre cloth. The contact angle value was measured before and after the test: the higher the score, the better the cleaning properties. The results showed that Diamond Finish preserved its dust-, dirt-, water- and grease-repellent properties even after long use and repeated cleaning.

The tests were conducted in August.

1. Lenses tested were 1.67 premium HMC products versus Hi-Vision LongLife.