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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsCR Surfacing Celebrates Expansion

CR Surfacing Celebrates Expansion

CR Surfacing, one of Australia’s few remaining locally owned and operating lens laboratories, has expanded into new premises in Dandenong South and is investing in new technologies to ensure it remains at the forefront of the sector.

At the launch of new premises in Melbourne mid-June, founders Ray and Ronda Geake welcomed customers, suppliers and staff, and acknowledged the presence of the Honourable Liliana D’Ambrosio MP, and the Honourable Gabrielle Williams MP.

Mr. Geake spoke of the company’s 40 year history in Australia and emphasised the strong family nature of the business. He said that when he and Mrs. Geake purchased CR Surfacing it was a fledgling company and one of 35 laboratories in Australia. “When we went into business there were 11 labs in Melbourne, 10 of which produced glass lenses. We were the only laboratory producing plastics except for SOLA which was the manufacturer of the blanks. We went with CR39 – we thought this was the way to go and the end result had vindicated our choice in Columbia Resin 39, and hence the name of the company CR Surfacing… we are now the only lab left in Melbourne… there is now one lab in Sydney and 1.5 in Queensland but
everybody else has gone offshore.”

Mr. Geake said CR Surfacing had a history of expansion, growth and investment in new equipment.

your resilience and the fact that not only have you survived but you are thriving, demonstrates that we can have a very, very strong future in manufacturing

“We’ve always tried to have the latest and greatest and to keep faith with our customers…Now we are in another phase of re-investing in modern processing and digital equipment… all you can bet on is the equipment you buy now will be redundant by the time you make the final payment. But to keep up and keep faith with our clients we need to constantly look at fresh investment,” said Mr. Geake.

The Honourable Liliana D’Ambrosio addressed the audience, expressing her respect for the business that Mr. and Mrs. Geake had established and their commitment to innovation. “A lot of people have passion, a
lot of people have fantastic skills, but your spirit lives in this place and you can hear that in everything you say. The achievements you’ve managed, together with Ronda and your family are fine examples to others.”

Ms. D’Ambrosio congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Geake and their family “for 40 years of wonderful service to this community…while we can be very sad about the many businesses that have chosen to move offshore,
I think your resilience and the fact that not only have you survived but you are thriving, demonstrates that we can have a very, very strong future in manufacturing.”

She said the Victorian government was committed to supporting the medical technologies sector in Australia. “Our economy has to be globally and outward looking, always ready and willing to accept change and new ideas and a fresh way of doing things, and that’s how you get that productivity improvement,
that’s how you are able to free up more resources, more money to be able to invest and grow and create new jobs… Our aim is to build the scale and capability in this sector, to capture high value manufacturing, access skills and infrastructure, engage in international markets…support new ideas and enterprises and enhance the business environment… we believe this industry has a very strong future.”

While at the launch event Ms. D’Ambrosio and other attendees were able to take a tour of the new plant and to observe the manufacturing process.