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Monday / July 22.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 115, August 2016

mivision Issue 115, August 2016

One of the great things about being editor is that I get direct feedback from you (our readers) about issues we cover that you feel most passionate about.

The feedback we get serves to inform and guide us in future articles.

Last issue, an article we received plenty of feedback on was written by our regular columnist Michael Jacobs. Written from the perspective of his long-term experience in the industry, it ruffled a few feathers, but also initiated a few conversations about the current state of play. No doubt we’ll be coming back to that one in the future.

This time round, Michael writes on more sensitive topics – the topic of time, management and the need to reflect on our own time management skills.

His opening point is one that rings true across all organisations, including our own. That is, although we often feel too busy to stop and have a staff meeting, the cost of not doing so far outweighs the benefits of continuing on with what we’re doing. I’ve sat through plenty of meetings in the past that have droned on for hours, seemingly without reason or outcome. Michael makes it clear, in a few poignant steps, how you can \avoid doing the same.

No doubt all eyes will be on Rio over the coming months as the Olympic and Paralympic Games take place. In the lead up to the Games, we spoke to Dr. Jessica Gallagher (who lost her sight to cone dystrophy as a teenager) about her ambition to claim a medal on the velodrome in Paralympic cycling. Based on her previous achievements at both international skiing and cycling, there is every chance that she will. Have a read of the story – Jessica’s drive to achieve is incredibly inspiring.

Another local champion, this time of innovation, is Associate Professor Drew Evans who has discovered how to grow electrically conductive polymers onto a contact lens. With the ability to communicate in real time to the wearer, this discovery could change health outcomes for millions of people around the world without the need for a smartphone, other external communication device or power.

This issue our ophthalmology column is written by Dr. Colin Chan and Christopher Hodge who delve into the concerning epidemic of myopia and reviews current and emerging treatments.

We have two education articles, each worth two CPD points. The first is written by Essilor international R&D team member Damien Paillé, who was involved in an experiment to analyse how posture changes in response to the device we are using. With digital devices now ubiquitous across most age-groups, results from this experiment are invaluable when specifying the design of new ophthalmic lenses.

Our second education article, written by Dr. Jay Yohendran, is all about approaches to cataract surgery. Just as cataract surgery continues to evolve, so too do the visual expectations of patients. Dr. Yohendran presents a practical guide for optometrists when talking to patients about the procedure.

Elsewhere this issue you’ll find a review of ultra-wide imaging technology, Jim Papas writes on lens coatings to enhance your patients’ visual experience, we have a feature on European eyewear and a profile on the US adventure eyewear brand Revo, which takes advantage of lens technology developed by NASA.

Mark Cushway