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Monday / July 15.
HomemifashionRevo Adventure Gives Back

Revo Adventure Gives Back

The Revo collection is designed for the technically minded; for those who pay attention to detail and are aware of the differences that detail can make to quality of vision when you’re forced out on a limb.

This US Brand, established in 1985, offers an extensive range of sunglasses for women and men, with a multitude of polarised lenses from which to choose according to the favoured adventure.

There are six frame categories to choose from, each of which targets a different classification of adventurer: sport performance for the outdoor enthusiast; classic performance for the timeless sunglass look; lifestyle performance frames for a more fashion forward look (with signature Revo protection); women’s performance frames; a Vision over Visibility collection (designed in partnership with Bono and featuring a custom fashion lens palette); and the capsule collection by explorer, National Geographic photographer and Revo Creative Director Jimmy Chin. In 2015 Revo introduced a goggle collection featuring photochromatic lenses for alpine lovers.

Looking to NASA

Revo claims to have invented the performance sunglass category having taken advantage of lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. Building on this technology, all lenses feature the Revo Light Management System (LMS), which provides wearers with 100 per cent polarisation and management of the full spectrum of light. The LMS System filters out harmful light, including blue light and High-Energy Visible (HEV) light, while selectively allowing in light that is helpful for vision.

Revo donates US$10 from every frame sold (up to $10 million) to the Brien Holden Vision Institute to help pay for basic eye care services.

Lenses are available in Serilium (an exclusive lightweight, shatterproof polycarbonate) and Crystal (a higher form of Crown Glass that is scratch-resistant and ground and polished to about the same standard as a camera lens).

Multi-layer mirror coatings are combined with five layers of back surface protective coatings, which help reduce intrusive back-surface reflections, and an additional hydrophobic coating on the back repels water and sweat. A permanent oleophobic coating on the front of the lens repels oil and fingerprints.

To satisfy customers who need prescription lenses, Revo partnered with Shamir. As a result, customers can choose from digital single vision and progressive lenses to achieve the benefit of optimal lens performance, and an accurate, wide field of view without sacrificing the signature Revo look and technology.

With adventurer types at the core of its customer group, Revo takes the notion of sunglass performance to the nth degree. To help buyers choose which of the eight lens options is best for them, the company created an ‘activity matrix’ featuring all the options and the activities they’re best suited for. For example, the iconic Blue Water lens is best for glare environments encountered while boating, fishing, or skiing, while the Terra lens is best for lower light environment found driving early or late and hiking.

Giving Back

In 2015 Revo announced a partnership with U2 lead singer Bono and the Brien Holden Vision Institute. The Buy Vision, Give Sight initiative was the outcome and, through this, Revo hopes to help the 625 million people worldwide who are unnecessarily blind.

Specifically, Revo donates US$10 from every frame sold (up to $10 million) to the Brien Holden Vision Institute to help pay for basic eye care services, including eye tests and prescription glasses. The donations are also helping to build stronger eye care services in target communities for the longer term by training local people to provide eye care in their communities.

Bono, who has a long track record in global health, has a particular interest in eye health, having been diagnosed with glaucoma 20 years ago. His experience with glaucoma, for which he has received excellent treatment, has made him determined to find a way to increase access to frontline eye health services for others.

“The Buy Vision, Give Sight campaign is a very personal one for me,” said Bono. “Thanks to good medical care my eyes are okay, but tens of millions of people around the world with sight problems don’t have access to glasses, or even a basic eye test. Poor eyesight may not be life-threatening, but it dramatically affects your life and your livelihood if you aren’t able to fix it. When we met with experts, they said the number one problem is untreated poor vision, which prevents a child from learning in school, or an adult from performing their job. Sight is a human right and the Buy Vision, Give Sight initiative will help ensure millions of people have access to the eye exams and glasses they need to see.”

Technology aside, Buy Vision, Give Sight is a great reason to support Revo.

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