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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsSelf-Guided Refraction Testing

Self-Guided Refraction Testing

An intuitive, self-guided vision testing system has been made available to New York City optical stores, enabling the stores to provide refractions without an eye helath professional onsite.

The SVOne Enterprise, developed by Smart Vision Labs, captures a person’s refractive error and sends the data for analysis to a remote network of eye doctors who help provide updated eyeglass prescriptions within 24 hours. Patients can access a permanent record of their eyeglass prescription within a password-protected web portal and can choose where to purchase eyewear.

Founded in 2013, Smart Vision Labs launched the SVOne handheld autorefactor in 2014 and consequently, over 500 units have been sold and over 40,000 refractions completed by the company and its partners.

The new SVOne Enterprise pairs Smart Vision Labs’ core autorefraction technology with a proprietary telemedicine platform, allowing doctors the ability to analyse vision test results and other data without having to be on-site. The doctor can write a digital eyeglass prescription for a patient or make a recommendation for a full eye health exam where appropriate.

Yaopeng Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Smart Vision Labs said Smart Vision Labs was founded to make vision tests more portable “by providing doctors a new, highly accurate way to administer vision care to underserved communities around the world”.