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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemiproductsTreat Dry Eye Naturally

Treat Dry Eye Naturally

Patients using traditional treatments for chronic conjunctival conditions may not always respond well to treatments and may also experience side effects. Oculocin Propo may be an excellent clinically proven alternative with no known side effects and no stinging.

Treating such patients can be difficult and complicated. Patients may return without positive results or with recurring eye problems when using other treatments. Oculocin Propo is a natural based product that may be of benefit in managing chronic conjunctival diseases and dry eye. It does not contain antibiotics or steroids and is preservative free. Oculocin Propo has light immune support and contaminant management functions with no stinging, has fast relief and is a “must” for contact lens wearers prior to insertion and after removal of contact lenses.

Some parents are often reluctant to use antibiotics or other drugs on their children or themselves due to possible side effects. Oculocin Propo may be an alternative if other options are not acceptable to the parents. The key Ingredients are Propolis, Aloe Vera and Chamomilla.

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