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Tuesday / March 5.
HomeminewsAlan Saks In Contact and Independent

Alan Saks In Contact and Independent

Auckland optometrist and mivision columnist Alan Saks has parted company with his long-standing New Zealand publisher NZ Optics, having decided to publish his regular column ‘In Contact’ independently online.

Mr. Saks first started writing In Contact when he was practising in South Africa in the mid-1980s. When he moved to New Zealand he struck up an arrangement with NZ Optics and In Contact remained a popular read in that publication for 21 years. According to Mr. Saks, it remains the longest running column of its type.

Mr. Saks said the third iteration of In Contact, In Contact V3.0, will run independently online. “As of this edition I’ve decided to publish it myself: I was not prepared to accept changes imposed by the new owner/publisher, which would have altered the very essence and nature of In Contact. My independence remains sacrosanct, as does the content of my column.”

Mr. Saks said the column focuses on contact lenses specifically, eye care in general, technology, the Internet, imaging, travel, food, rugby and more.

In Contact V3.0 can be subscribed to. Email [email protected]