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Thursday / May 30.
HomemiproductsFrey Ophthalmic Range

Frey Ophthalmic Range

According to Device Technologies, Frey’s ophthalmic range of affordable stand-alone LCD visual acuity screens offer test capabilities well above standards previously achieved from chart projectors.

These chart panels provide additional features like low vision age-related macular degeneration optotypes, video playback capability, test reporting, spatial frequency and contrast testing.

Visual field testing is made easy with Frey’s AP-300 automated perimeter. The all-in-one platform provides both Static and Goldmann Kinetic perimetry – including the Estermann binocular vision test, white/white, blue/yellow, SWAP and Flicker. Intuitive perimeter software allows easy operation using the built-in touch screen.

Device Technologies distributes Frey’s visual acuity charts and perimeters in Australia and New Zealand and is able to provide support to practices via conveniently located offices in both countries.

Contact: Device Technologies Australia (AUS) 1800 429 551