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Sunday / May 26.
HomeminewsIACLE Educational Images Available

IACLE Educational Images Available

Members of the International Association of Contact Lens Educators (IACLE) now have access to a major new teaching resource following the acquisition of the Salazar Image Collection – work of the late Venezuelan optometrist Ralph Salazar, comprising images of almost 140 unusual anterior eye conditions.

IACLE’s Director of Educational Development Dr. Lewis Williams explained that Salazar had extensive interests in contact lenses, the anterior eye, and ocular pathology. “Fortunately for IACLE, he also had access to hospital cases and an interest in recording, photographically, what he saw in practice. This collection is a selection of his work, a series he always intended to be used for educational purposes”.

The acquisition of these images almost a decade ago was brokered by Dr. Percy Lazon, then IACLE’s Latin America Regional Co-ordinator. Currently, Dr. Lazon is Principal Clinical Scientist at CooperVision in Pleasanton, California, USA. The original Spanish titles were translated into English by Dr. Lazon and the PowerPoint presentation was finalised by IACLE staff.

Dr. Williams commented:
“This image collection lives on as a testament to the contribution Salazar’s skills and foresight have made to IACLE and the contact lens community at large. Many of the images included are of conditions, trauma, pathology, and contact lens complications that are unlikely to be seen or experienced regularly in routine practice”. Visit www.iacle.org