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Monday / April 15.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 118, November 2016

mivision Issue 118, November 2016

Our November issue of mivision is the biggest edition we’ve produced to date. The next 108 pages will take you on a journey of unexpected discovery – through the arts and into science, business, fashion and beyond – yet always with a focus on eye care and eyewear.

We’re honoured to have some of the world’s best in ophthalmology contributing stories, among them Dr’s. Joe Reich, Michael Lawless, Uday Bhatt, Adrian Fung and Professor Alex Hui. From optometry our contributors include Damon Ezekiel, Margaret Lam, Jim Papas, Alan Saks, Emmanuel Calligeros and Amira Howari. Together these extraordinary talents deliver broad perspectives on eye health to keep you informed of the issues and up to date with the latest approaches to detection, treatment and management of eye disease.

Our lead story this month takes a leap into the past with Dr. Joe Reich exploring the impressionist art movement. Dr. Reich reveals in a unique way, artist by artist, the vision challenges that may – or may not – have contributed to their ‘loose’ style of painting.

Dry eye disease is one of the most common causes for complaint after uneventful cataract surgeries, especially when multifocal IOLs are used. Patients who have dry eye prior to cataract surgery are more likely to experience worse dry eye post-operatively. This makes it critical for optometrists and ophthalmologists to identify and manage dry eyes prior to cataract surgery. Our ophthalmology column, written by Dr’s. Michael Lawless and Uday Bhatt presents the latest research in this area, followed by tips for detection and management from their own clinical experience.

Dry eye disease is one of the most common causes for complaint after uneventful cataract surgeries, especially when multifocal IOLs are used

Our two CPD articles tackle very different topics this month. While Damon Ezekiel takes on the complexities of diagnosing and managing Sjögren’s syndrome, Professor Alex Hui’s focus is firmly on the mysteries that can be revealed by carefully looking into a patient’s pupil. A thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the pupil will help you distinguish between life-threatening emergencies and conditions that can be easily managed by an optometrist.

It’s been a big month for events and we’ve reported on many of them here. Dr. Adrian Fung attended the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists in San Francisco, we attended ProVision’s member only conference in Cairns and Specsavers annual conference in Brisbane plus our columnist Michael Jacobs took the opportunity to attend Silmo in Paris. Aside from the staggering number of brands and eyewear models on display, Michael was impressed to see such a strong presence by our talented Australian eyewear designers.

ProVision is a member organisation that’s not afraid to make a change. Five years ago, the head office implemented a significant process of cultural change and following its success has just rolled out a national program through member practices. CEO Steven Johnston believes this will lead to more profitable businesses and less stress. No doubt this is a smart business move, however it’s also one that requires bravery, a clear strategy and a commitment to staff engagement. For this issue Melanie Kell spoke to Steven about the roll-out, in the process gathering a few tips and tricks about how to maintain the positive energy in your organisation while weeding out those who are unprepared to make a change. There are pearls of wisdom here for every reader.