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Wednesday / April 17.
HomemioptometryOrtho-K: A Sound Business Investment

Ortho-K: A Sound Business Investment

The rising prevalence of myopia and high myopia makes an investment in the practice of orthokeratology a sound business strategy for optometrists.

Antares Topographer

Antares is an all-in-one device manufactured by CSO in Italy that performs corneal topography, NIBUT analysis, lipid layer grading, infrared meibography, pupillography and contact lens fitting.

Its built-in keratometer and automatic measurement system give access to a unique feature called auto-fit, which ensures optimum accuracy in the selection of contact lenses. The practitioner can check in real time if models and diameters fit the cornea, offering perfectly calibrated lenses to the patient.

Combining a large range of functions, Antares is an ideal tool for orthokeratology specialists and dry eye centres.

The rising prevalence of myopia and high myopia makes an investment in the practice of orthokeratology a sound business strategy for optometrists

Contact: www.francemedical.com.au

Paragon CRT Contact Lenses for Myopia

Myopia is no longer a children’s vision issue, it’s a worldwide health concern. The risk of retinopathy for high myopes increases with age, especially over age 40 as shown in the chart. If a patient’s myopia is eliminated or reduced before the eye stops progressing (before adulthood), the risk of developing retinopathy is significantly reduced.

Orthokeratology has entered the mainstream of contact lens fitting and Paragon CRT Contact Lenses can become your primary treatment option for childhood myopia. Like many practices around the world, you can capture new market share and enjoy incremental revenue with these lenses that provide an opportunity to achieve higher profit margins while minimising chair time.

Contact: Contact Lens Centre Australia (AUS) 03 9543 1811

Menicon Z Night

Menicon Z Night lenses for orthokeratology are designed to correct myopia for patients with up to -5.75d of sphere and -1.75d of astigmatism.

These lenses are fitted using Easyfit proprietary software, which links directly with the topographer and is provided to practitioners at no cost. The ideal lens design is generated in either spherical or toric form and, at the click of a button, the order is sent to Menicon for processing. Additionally, the software can analyse the lens fit/performance after some weeks of wear to determine if a change in parameters is required.

Menicon Z Night lenses for orthokeratology are manufactured using Menicon Z material, the only RGP material with FDA approval for up to 30 days of continuous wear, having a Dk of 189. Rose colour is used for the right lens and blue for the left.

Manufactured in The Netherlands, these lenses have been highly regarded in Europe for some years and now, along with Easyfit software, are available in Australia.

Contact: Menicon (AUS) 08 8272 6000