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Tuesday / August 9.
HomeminewsMilestone Implant of Wireless Visual Cortical Stimulator

Milestone Implant of Wireless Visual Cortical Stimulator

The restoration of useful vision to patients completely blinded due to virtually any reason, is one step closer following the successful implantation and activation of a wireless visual cortical stimulator in a human subject.

According to Second Sight this provides initial human proof of concept for the ongoing development of its Orion I Visual Cortical Prosthesis (Orion I). In the University of California Los Angeles study supported by Second Sight, a 30-year-old patient was implanted with a wireless multichannel neurostimulation system on the visual cortex and was able to perceive and localise individual phosphenes or spots of light with no significant adverse side effects.

“It is rare that technological development offers such stirring possibilities,” said Dr. Robert Greenberg, chairman of the board of Second Sight. “This first human test confirms that we are on the right track with our Orion I program to treat blind patients who cannot benefit from the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis (Argus II). This initial success in a patient is an exciting and important milestone even though it does not yet include a camera.

“By bypassing the optic nerve and directly stimulating the visual cortex, the Orion I has the potential to restore useful vision to patients completely blinded due to virtually any reason, including glaucoma, cancer, diabetic retinopathy or trauma. Today, these individuals have no available therapy and the Orion I offers hope, increasing independence and improving their quality of life.”

An FDA Application is expected to be submitted in early 2017.


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