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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsWorld First Australian Drink Aims to Control Diabetes

World First Australian Drink Aims to Control Diabetes

An Australian company has developed a non-pharmaceutical drink which, according to University of Adelaide’s Dr. Chris Raynor, “represents a novel nutritional approach that can have a significant impact on both the immediate ‘blood glucose spike’ associated with high GI meals, as well as have an impact on longer term measures of blood glucose control.”

Dr. Raynor said the drink, marketed in Australia as Faulding GlucoControl and available without a prescription, “means there are now more options for medical professionals, nutritionists and dieticians in helping people with Type 2 diabetes have a better quality of life.”

Type 2 Diabetes is one of Australia’s fastest growing diseases with 1.2 million Australians diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The longer a person has diabetes, the greater the risk of losing their sight to diabetic eye disease.

The pre meal shake is a result of six years and more than AU$5 million in research and development. Formulated “for the dietary management of people with pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes”,1 it is available in selected chemists and pharmacies.

Previous ways of using high dose protein or fibre alone were unpalatable, impractical or not sustainable

Dr. Chris Raynor compared GlucoControl to previous pre-meal protein loads. He said, “The unique combination of ingredients in GlucoControl provide a non-pharmaceutical product that can significantly reduce the dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels after a high GI meal and improve overall glycaemic control (HbA1c) in the long term… This is a significant outcome because for patients living with Type 2 diabetes, managing their blood glucose in relation to their meals can be a challenge, especially when people seek variety in their diets and don’t always get the chance to ‘plan’ every carb.

“It means that, in conjunction with appropriate medical and nutritional advice, someone with Type 2 diabetes, or with pre-diabetes, can simply add a pre-meal drink to their day and know that, in the short and long term, they are helping themselves to control their diabetes and reduce the risk of potentially devastating side effects of the condition, such as blindness and amputations.

“Previous ways of using high dose protein or fibre alone were unpalatable, impractical or not sustainable for people to add into their daily living approach. The recent data shows how comfortable people were using the product continuously for 12 weeks, showing how viable it is as a simple addition to Diabetes’ sufferer’s lives,” said Dr. Raynor.

Faulding GlucoControl is manufactured in Melbourne by Omniblend Innovation. According to the company’s website, GlucoControl works by slowing the emptying of stomach contents; increasing viscosity of food in the intestine (after it leaves the stomach) and forming a temporary barrier on the walls of the GI tract.

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