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Friday / April 19.
HomemiproductsOrcam Myeye

Orcam Myeye

Orcam Myeye is an intuitive, smart camera and audio device that connects to a portable base unit not much bigger than a mobile phone.

It can read text, recognise faces and products. As images and text are instantly downloaded to the base unit, audio is uploaded to a small speaker integrated with the camera and attached to the wearer’s spectacles.

The most common way to use Orcam is to point at text to be read. Using artificial intelligence the camera follows the shape of a finger, and when the finger stops moving, focuses in on the text in the vicinity of the finger as opposed to the whole page. It then takes the picture and converts it automatically. A second way to use the device is to look at some text, then click the button on the control unit. Orcam takes a picture of the whole page, not a particular column or location on the page.

Optical character recognition means the ORCAM can ‘learn’ what a product or face looks like, then recognise it again and describe it to the user.

Contact: Quantum RLV (AUS) 02 9479 3100