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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsRodenstock Introduces “Road” Driver’s Lenses

Rodenstock Introduces “Road” Driver’s Lenses

German eyewear and lens manufacturer Rodenstock has launched Rodenstock Road, an innovative lens that, when combined with the optimum frame, “provides a better perspective on the road, even when visibility is difficult”.

According to Rodenstock, its new Road lens provides large zones of clear vision, optimised to manage the rapid changes of focus necessary when driving, particularly in challenging conditions such as in rain or at dusk. Optimally overlapping visual zones for the right and left eye support spatial vision, simplifying the estimation of distances, when driving past objects or parking.

This new lens also features Solitaire Protect Road 2, a new multifunctional coating, which combines premium anti-reflection coating and a slight 12 per cent filter tint. This minimises back surface reflections and distracting headlight glare, whilst also ensuring high-contrast vision during the day as well.

Rodenstock’s patented Eye Lens Technology, especially DNEye, makes a major difference when driving at night. When the pupils dilate in darkness, the high order aberrations (HOA) have the strongest effect on the visual system. DNEye then ensures sharper and higher-contrast vision, most notably during poor visibility. To this end, the DNEye Scanner measures the eyes with high accuracy at up to 1000 measurement points. It records high order and low order aberrations for far and near vision subject to the pupil size. This information is then combined with the subjective refraction data gathered by the optometrist. Customers profit even without a DNEye Measurement as pupil-optimised correction, a standard feature of this new lens, provides better vision in the low light.

To complete the package, Rodenstock recommends these lenses are combined with the Brand’s extra-light frames. Featuring extraordinarily thin temples, these frames do not compromise the field of vision when doing over the shoulder checks.

The company has confirmed that its new Road lenses are not only for wearing behind the wheel – they have “all the important qualities required for fully-fledged everyday spectacles”.

Rodenstock Road will be available from 1 February 2017 both in single vision as well as progressive lenses in the Rodenstock Excellence and Rodenstock Perfection quality categories. Product launch offers are available, along with consulting tools, including a new ‘Road Module’ available with the Rodenstock Virtual Consulting app. Marketing materials, including window displays, practice marketing and digital point of sale is available to communicate lens information to new and existing patients.