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Thursday / August 18.
HomemiproductsMagnetic Clip-on Frames from Centrostyle

Magnetic Clip-on Frames from Centrostyle

Aviva and Mann Optical has launched its new collection of Centrostyle Magnetic Clip-on frames for 2017. Produced in Italy from Ultem material, these frames are flexible and extremely durable. With a combined weight of only 16 grams, they’re light as a feather.

The polarised clip-on is fixed through two invisible magnets for ‘perfect alignment’ to the front of the frame, keeping the shape unchanged and making the clip-on virtually invisible. Easily removed or applied to the frame with one hand, Centrostyle Magnetic Clip-on frames are ideal for a quick change, in variable light conditions. Matching hard cases are included with both frame and clip-on.

Contact: Aviva & Mann Optical (AUS) 08 9353 2814