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Sunday / May 19.
HomemiproductsOCT Angiography Module for Spectralis Now Available

OCT Angiography Module for Spectralis Now Available

Heidelberg Engineering is now distributing the OCT Angiography Module to Spectralis customers in Australia.

The OCT Angiography Module can be added to new and existing upgradeable Spectralis devices with the OCT2 Module. The multimodal imaging platform allows clinicians to compare OCT angiographies to other modalities such as structural OCT and dye-based angiographies as well as infrared, MultiColor and BluePeak images, dependent on the Spectralis model.

“In combination with other imaging modalities, OCT angiography (OCTA) enables a more comprehensive understanding of vascular abnormalities. The Spectralis truly integrates OCTA with other clinically well-established imaging modalities to facilitate for instance direct, pixel-to-pixel OCTA follow-ups on an existing fluorescein angiogram,” said Dr. Kester Nahen, managing director of Heidelberg Engineering.

Contact: Heidelberg Engineering (AUS) 03 9639 2125