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Friday / May 20.
HomemioptometryThe Year of Education

The Year of Education

Optometry Australia reveals a few of the practice building opportunities lined up for members.


Andrew McKinnon

An American fundamentalist group called Unsealed (should that be Unhinged?) has predicted that a massive solar event across North America will signal the end of the world in 2017. That means you’ve only got time for one more Truly Big Thing – make it Silmo and Super Sunday in March!

Now my friend and colleague, Cathryn Baker from Optometry Queensland, would like to entice you north to attend the Australian Vision Convention (AVC) in April. While AVC is unquestionably a conference of the utmost quality, unfortunately it is closer to the equator – and the sun – and the Apocalypse!

According to Chinese tradition, 2017 is the year of the rooster and logically a good excuse to crow about what’s been happening

So let self-preservation guide your choice – come to Super Sunday in March – and then be first in line for Armageddon at AVC, the best of both worlds!

Super Sunday – held alongside Silmo – will be huge.

Coming to you from the brand new International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, Super Sunday will offer highlights including a key note presentation from Dr. Adrian Cohen, Director of Headsafe. Dr. Cohen will talk about the role optometrists play in the detection and management of concussion.

Optometrist and now emergency medicine physician, Dr. Julie Kiel, will take us through a day in the emergency department and the eye problems that come through the door. Continuing the trauma theme will be ophthalmologist Dr. Kwon Kang, delving into posterior segment manifestations of ocular trauma, followed by Dr. Anthony Chapman-Davies looking at trauma management in daily practice.

In theatre two, optometrist Thao Hannaford and husband Grant will take a practical look at prescribing sports and occupational lenses, Adrian Bell will look at amblyopia and Mark Koszek will dig through some optometric archaeology. Later in the day Assoc. Prof. Daryl Guest will discuss disinfection – maybe not sexy, but very, very important, and Mike Yapp will lead an optometric
trivia session – complete with prizes!

To register, visit registration.optometrynsw.org.au or contact Nicole on nicole@oaansw.com.au or call (AUS) 02 9712 2199


Libby Boschen

According to Chinese tradition, 2017 is the year of the rooster and logically a good excuse to crow about what’s been happening and what’s on the optometric horizon here in South Australia.

There are times when the wheels of bureaucratic change turn wrist-slittingly slow. 2015 and 2016 proved to be one of those times. A huge amount of time and energy was invested in building key relationships and driving numerous useful discussions and in-principle agreements with government, hospitals, pharmacists, ophthalmologists and GPs on how the skills of our members could be used more effectively to benefit the whole South Australian community. However, to date the necessary policy and behavioural changes remain disappointingly elusive. That said, there is more than one way to pluck the proverbial chook and this will be reflected in our approach this year as we build on our quiet achievements to date.

Optometry Australia has developed some sensational resources as part of its Good Vision for Life campaign and OSA has enthusiastically contributed and supported this initiative. Optometrists will see much more of these resources across the state in the coming year as we incorporate key messages and images into other strategies and projects.

One of the challenges we continue to work on is balancing the huge diversity of needs across our SA membership, which has grown by 40 per cent in the last 10 years. One area of focus has been our Early Career Optometrists (anyone who has graduated within the last 10 years) who meet on a monthly basis for CPD and networking. I encourage any ECOs to give it a go in 2017.

SA Blue Sky Congress experienced a couple of false starts in 2016 due to venue cancellations, eventually coming to roost in the idyllic Adelaide Hills where the air was invigorating, the education inspiring and the entertainment remained a key point-of-difference. Blue Sky will take place in the Hills on 9–10 November 2017 and we encourage delegates to book their seat and their bed early and make a weekend of it. Despite the theme, you will not have the luxury of jumping in the Tardis to rewind the clock if you miss out.


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