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Saturday / August 13.
HomemiproductsVisionSC Lens System

VisionSC Lens System

The VisionSC is an innovative, electronically programmable, mobile and wearable, all-in one lens system. Performing a subjective sight examination, the VisionSC combines the features of a trial frame and automated/manual phoropter and sits comfortably on the patient’s head.

Self-powered by a long-life battery pack contained within the headband, the VisionSC is a 100 per cent wireless system controlled via Bluetooth using an android tablet, providing better comfort and freedom of movement for the patient. The patient wears the device like a regular trial frame, examining eye charts (or any other near/far target).

The VisionSC application drives the phoropter (VisionFit head unit) instantly enabling eye care professionals to see, save and share as many refraction values as required. Seamless prescription changes provide a more accurate patient response.

Contact: Opticare (AUS) 02 9748 8777