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Saturday / May 21.
HomemilastwordGet on with it!

Get on with it!

There are times in our life when we hit a crossroad and get a wake-up call. It can be in the form of financial stress, serious health issues, family upheaval or our job. Everything was going fine then the wheels fell off.

If we’re honest, there would have been warning signs along the way; perhaps even guidance or advice we may have received. But it was easier to ignore the situation, in hope that it would right itself. Looking back, the more we did that, the more the issue lingered. Sometimes it even got worse.

We kept chugging along, insisting it was ‘business as usual’, ignoring the nudges. Ignoring the obvious fact that something needed to change.

Like us all, I’ve had many wake-up calls.

…that day in the cafe was a watershed moment… I stopped posing and just got on with it

Decades ago, I was working for a publisher as their entertainment account manager. It was my job to source advertising from movie distributors, tour promoters, record companies and the like. I had the contacts so thought it would be a breeze. I prepared proposals, talked the talk, went to events and parties and made some sales. The word ‘some’ is the clincher because, despite the swagger, I was way under target. If I didn’t wake up and get on with it, my job would be on the line.

One morning I got up early, sat in a cafe and devised a plan. I needed to change my strategy and, ultimately, my attitude. For me, that day in the cafe was a watershed moment.

I went to work with fresh confidence and a plan, then the results followed. I stopped posing and just got on with it. From there the personal and financial rewards followed; within a year I was made sales manager and my salary doubled.

As an eye care professional, I’m sure you see this in your patients. There’s the patient that doesn’t heed the warnings about the risk to eyesight because of diabetes. There’s the patient who ignores your pleas about compliance with medication. There are others who get exactly the same warnings, exactly the same instructions. They absorb the news and make the necessary changes to their lifestyle. They just get on with it. And they reap the benefits.

Same in business. We attend a conference or seminar, talk to someone further along the career path than we are and it makes such perfect sense. We know we need to revamp our website, reconsider our marketing practices, expand our premises, embark on further professional study.

But without a concrete plan, without firm goals, without actual implementation of the plan, life takes over, we get busy. And nothing gets done.

In the words of Robert De Niro: “Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.”

Get on with it!


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