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Wednesday / June 19.


First-in-class cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid HA (XL) formulation. VisuXL creates a 3-dimensional network bringing prolonged residence time on the ocular surface in comparison to linear HA1,2. Cross-linked HA hydrates & lubricates ocular surface for longer periods (than linear HA1), and increased viscosity provides longer instillation intervals for more patient comfort.

First-in-class Co-Enzyme Q10 formulation (CoQ10). Enzyme supporting mitochondrial function and enhancing ocular surface wound healing and preservation. CoQ10 is captured into cross-linked HA enhancing longer contact with ocular surface cells. VisuXL comes in multi-dose preservative-free bottle, sterile for 2 months after first dosing, with a dosage of 2-3 drops a day.

Available April/May 2017 only from OptiMed (AUS) 1300 657 720 or www.optimed.com.au