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Friday / May 24.
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FBR Solutions

Convenience, safety and sterility are key elements for the effective removal of corneal and conjunctival foreign bodies. Yet cleaning and sterilising reusable instruments is time consuming and uneconomical in most practices. Single-use instruments solve these issues and instil confidence in patients.

Device Technologies Australia has selected the best instruments from the Beaver-Visitec International (BVI) single-use range to ensure practitioners have the correct items for foreign body removal.

In September 2015 Item 10944 (Schedule Fee AU$72.15) was introduced to the Medicare Optometrical Services Schedule for the complete removal of embedded corneal foreign bodies, including the removal of rust rings from the cornea.

FBR solutions includes single-use 25 gauge needles, needle holders, and PRK Spatulas, which replace the reusable Foreign Body Spud, jeweller’s forceps and burrs for rust ring removal.

Contact: Device Technologies Australia (AUS) 02 9972 8200.