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Saturday / August 6.
HomemieditorialMivision Issue 126 August 2017

Mivision Issue 126 August 2017

When looking back over an issue just before it goes to print, it’s often interesting to find a distinct, yet unplanned, theme running through several of the stories.

This issue it’s innovation.

Our lead story delves into virtual reality. It came about following an interview with a team of young Americans responsible for the start-up Vivid Vision. As is often the case, Vivid Vision was a concept born from a need, in this case to find an engaging and effective way to treat amblyopia and strabismus. Trying their virtual reality head set on, and playing the games they’ve come up with, was a mind-blowing experience. It led me to explore other areas of eye care benefiting from virtual reality.

Champagne was flowing at ODMA17, with the biennial Fair back in Sydney for the first time since 2011. Our feature brings you the highlights from the Optical Manufacturers and Distributors Association event where the latest frames, equipment and lens technologies were showcased. Also included is the ODMA17 Awards of Excellence recipient list.

There’s plenty of change in the optometric
air at the moment with increasing talk of
new franchises and joint ventures

Our ophthalmology column this issue is also about innovation, this time minimal invasive surgery – or MIGS to treat glaucoma. I was thrilled when Dr. Nathan Kerr contacted me with the story; his excitement about this new technology was palpable. Dr. Kerr has recently returned to Australia from Moorfields College in the UK and we’re looking forward to working with him more in the future.

One of our education articles is also themed around innovation. Optometrist David Stephensen writes about selecting contact lenses for your patients. He recommends using the analogy of developing an information technology system to identify and analyse your clinical options, pointing out the parallels in the way individual elements of each system fit and work together.

Our second article is written by the United Kingdom’s Prof. John Marshall who explores blue light. The eye, he explains, is the only organ in the body that has evolved to allow radiation to penetrate deep within it. And while radiation is a biohazard, light is essential in the process we know as vision. Paradox or panacea?

There’s plenty of change in the optometric air at the moment with increasing talk of new franchises and joint ventures. Our lead news article announces new joint venture arrangements being offered by Bailey Nelson, the boutique optometry practice that started at Bondi Markets and has quietly been building an international presence. The Optical Group has also started a new brand within its umbrella. Both groups are targeting a younger, more fashion focussed market. While franchises and joint ventures can have distinct advantages for all parties, Optometry NSW Chief Executive Officer has some cautionary words about doing your homework first.

Back on the theme of innovation, Zeiss has announced it will have a strong presence in Tonsley Innovation precinct in South Australia; Melbourne optometrist Jim Papas received funding from the government to commercialise his innovative myeyes software; and A/Prof. Chandra Bala achieved a world first, using a cataract surgery laser to remove an artificial lens. It’s all in the news.

Elsewhere in mivision, we describe the various lens coatings available, including a breakdown of how coatings are applied; we reveal some of the latest optical frames to emerge from Europe; and we profile the stunning English brand Cocoa Mint. Plus plenty of frame fashion news.

Melanie Kell



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