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Thursday / May 30.
HomemioptometryEngaging for Effective Service Delivery

Engaging for Effective Service Delivery

Optometry Australia is committed to taking an innovative approach to engaging with and educating its members

O Vic

Pete Haydon

Last year was one of unprecedented direct engagement between Optometry Victoria and our members. More than 450 members across the State attended our CPD seminars, while SRC retained its preeminent position in the optometric calendar with almost 850 attendees. In Warrigal, Wodonga, Bendigo, Geelong and Melbourne, members came together to catch up and learn.

Meanwhile our Early Career Optometrists Victoria group greatly expanded its own program. Members in their first decade of practice spent time networking and learning, but perhaps equally importantly, discussing the next advocacy battleground for the profession, and what their Association should do to help make their working lives rewarding. We’ve also worked closely with both Deakin University and the University of Melbourne to recruit student members and remind them of the strength that comes from the collective.

This is a diverse and dynamic community of optometrists and optometry students working towards better eye health outcomes and interesting

As always this engagement is supported by practice visits, support services and communications from the secretariat, including this year, the addition of 60,000 Children’s vision resources for all public school prep children and their families.

In Victoria we have around 1,450 members. This is a diverse and dynamic community of optometrists and optometry students working towards better eye health outcomes and interesting, productive careers. Around 92 per cent of registered optometrists in Victoria retain Association membership – the highest in mainland Australia.

While we think our service delivery model in Victoria works well, we are always examining ways to help the Optometry Australia federation be more effective on behalf of members. In the coming year we’ll continue to expand our usual activities. On top of this, we’ll bed down major projects we’re working on. One looks to significantly streamline governance and operations processes to the benefit of members, while another continues a conversation with key sector players on how CPD conferences could be more effectively delivered in Australia. Watch this space.


Libby Boschen

‘Who Sky’ 2017 – worth closing your practice for!

It’s that time of year and many of you will be madly totting up your CPD points, wondering how you’re going to make up the difference before 30 November! The good news is that the last Optometry Australia conference of the year promises (as always) to be an absolute cracker!

SA Blue Sky Congress brings you Dr. Brad Sutton (Clinical Prof., Indiana University School of Optometry) and Prof. Charles McGhee (Head of Department of Ophthalmology, University of Auckland). This masterful duo will lead optometry and optical dispensing experts in two parallel universes (optometrists and optical dispensers/optical staff) through a galaxy of technical and business-building topics.

Most of our Blue Sky delegates come every year and are already no doubt scouring their local Op Shops for costumes for the social event (come as your favourite Dr. Who character)! It’s easily solved of course: just stick a sign on the practice door and bring the whole team: optometrists, optical dispensers and front line staff. I’m confident that the benefits from re-energising the passion, skills and expertise in your whole practice team will well and truly compensate for any lost income from the two days of empty appointment books. (Trust me: I’m an ex-HR Manager – I’ve seen the statistics!) Plus a sign on your door and a message on your phone and website telling your customers that you invest in training your team to be the best they can be is a great promotional tool.

If you’re in the market for some new diagnostic equipment (big or small), SA Blue Sky Congress is a must. BOC Ophthalmics, Designs for Vision, Device Technologies, Optimed, Optos and Zeiss will all be in attendance with pre-Christmas bells on, along with a range of frame, optical accessories, lens and practice support options for you to peruse.

Don’t blink…or you’ll miss it.

SA Blue Sky Congress 2017 takes place from 9–10 November at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre. Visit www.optometry.org.au/SA.