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Friday / July 12.
HomeminewsOptometrist Launches Stress Teflon

Optometrist Launches Stress Teflon

Optometrist Luke Mathers has authored a book aimed at putting a positive perspective on stress and helping people use it to their advantage.

Stress Teflon, co-authored with Mick Zeljko, combines science, anecdotes and insights to explain how stress operates. The easy to read book starts by explaining what the Greeks call, eudemonia, which literally translates to “good spirit” or, as Mr. Mathers writes, “a state of happiness, well-being, and objective flourishing brought on by moral virtue, practical wisdom, and rationality”.

Mr. Mathers believes to achieve eudemonia, we must understand how our brain works – how we can use our new (smart) brain to retrain our ‘old (reactive) brain’ in order to manage stress. Understanding how your body responds to stress and where you sit on the ‘stress curve’ is also important to managing it.

As Mr. Mathers writes, “Technology has made us more connected than ever before, and the stress of staying competitive and happy in a time when productivity is more likely to be measured on a digital spectrum than a human one is, at times, overwhelming… Becoming Stress Teflon will make it easier for you to choose happiness.” Stress Teflon is published by Advantage.