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Sunday / July 14.
HomeminewsMyHealth1st Reports Strong Growth with Independent Optometrists

MyHealth1st Reports Strong Growth with Independent Optometrists

MyHealth1st.com.au, launched seven years ago, has announced that over 60 per cent of independent optometrists in Australia have now signed up to its digital platform. Additionally, the company has launched to independent optometrists in New Zealand.

Klaus Bartosch, co-founder of MyHealth1st. com.au said the platform was initially aimed at the dental market, however over the years it had expanded to include GP’s, physiotherapists, pharmacies, government agencies, corporate health service providers, specialists and other allied health services.

“We now support over 5,500 sites nationally, with our most rapid growth occurring in the past two years post our listing on the ASX (1ST: 1st Group Ltd),” said Mr. Bartosch.

“The pace of adoption of our digital platforms in the optometry market has been staggering. We set out to enable independent optometrists to compete effectively against the two major corporates. In under 12 months, we have grown from 3 per cent of optometrists to over 60 per cent. Many are also accessing our ‘EasyRecalls’ and ‘EasyFeedback’ add-on products together with online appointments, which integrate with Optomate and Sunnix.”

The pace of adoption of our digital platforms in the optometry market has been staggering

Mr. Bartosch said optometrists who had signed up to MyHealth1st were “experiencing staggering results” with 43 per cent of all bookings being from new patients and 61 per cent booking online when a practice is open.

“What these insights prove is what we all already know. Consumers prefer online digital channels when engaging with services.

“Amazon’s arrival into Australia had shaken retailers in this country, especially those that have not yet made the move. Consumers are voting with their fingers. Healthcare has been slow to move but the pace is picking up fast.”

“Our platform is now Australia’s number one independent optometrist online appointments directory,” he said.

Mr. Bartosch sighted recent studies by Accenture and others that have revealed interesting insights into what is driving this rate of adoption:

• 90 per cent of people want to use digital channels to manage their healthcare;

• 61 per cent find the current process of booking an appointment by telephone frustrating and inconvenient with 25 per cent delaying access to healthcare services as a result;

• 88 per cent of people want digital reminders for preventive or follow up care;

• 72 per cent want to book, change or cancel appointments online;

• 37 per cent of patients are switching to practices that offer these services if their regular practice doesn’t.

Mr. Bartsoch said, “MyHealth 1st is now Australia’s number one independent optometrist online appointments directory… I think optometrists are proving they are savvy retailers. I think this is why the adoption of the MyHealth1st platform has been so rapid in Australia. We are entering NZ in early 2018. It will be interesting to see how quickly New Zealand optometrists make this transition. Some are onboard already.”