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Thursday / May 30.
HomemifashionnewsSerge Kirchhofer: Surreal, Artistic, Beautiful

Serge Kirchhofer: Surreal, Artistic, Beautiful

Serge Kirchhofer was created by industrial magnate, design genius and ‘enfant terrible’ of eyewear, Udo Proksch, while he was working with Optyl in Austria.

Celebrated as a creative maverick, Proksch’s personal story was made into a documentary, titled Out of Control which portrays a catalogue of scandal, twisted genius and hedonistic opulence. His personal archive, which includes more than 6,000 eyewear designs and 1,000 prototypes, has been held in a private museum in Vienna.

Brando Eyewear, distributor of Serge Kirchhofer, acquired ownership of the archive in 2015.

Visit: sergekirchhofer.com or contact: Brando Eyewear, [email protected]