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Saturday / July 13.
HomemifashionnewsEye-DNA: Click & Drag for Bespoke Eyewear

Eye-DNA: Click & Drag for Bespoke Eyewear

Looking for a way to offer patients a personalised retailing experience? Eye-DNA has released a new interactive touchscreen computer kiosk so you can design your own eyewear or collaborate with patients to create bespoke-tailored, and precisely fitting premium eyewear, even adjusting pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, base curve etc.

The kiosk displays 16 frames with storage for an additional 45 pieces and runs an eyewear design app (V1.5), which supports designs in titanium, stainless steel, and Mazzucchelli acetate. These new materials add to a current palette of stone, mother-of-pearl, wood, buffalo horn, cork, carbon fibre and vinyl by Spexwax.

The 3DNA eyewear design app integrates with Microsoft Windows Surface tablets and desktops for seamless scanning and touch-enabled design. Production takes 10 working days.

Visit: www.3dna-eyewear.org