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Wednesday / June 19.
Homemiproductsi-Pen by I-Med Pharma

i-Pen by I-Med Pharma

The TFOS DEWS and DEWS II reports identified tear osmolarity as a critical biomarker for the presence of dry eye disease (DED).

Measuring tear osmolarity ensures best patient care, not only by detecting DED, but also by ensuring accurate keratometry and corneal topography, thereby aiding surgical outcomes.

The i-Pen by I-Med Pharma is a diagnostic testing device that quickly and accurately detects and measures tear osmolarity levels, taking 192 readings in two seconds. Measurements are highly repeatable, even in severe dry eye disease.

Contact: Insight Surgical (AUS) 02 8814 6800 or Designs for Vision (AUS) 1800 225 307