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Friday / June 14.
HomemiproductsMenicon RGP Solutions

Menicon RGP Solutions

The Menicon family of RGP solutions is designed to give all your gas permeable contact lens wearers comfort and safety, regardless of the type or brand of lenses being used.

The family includes MeniCare Plus, Progent and Spray and Clean. Maximum comfort can be achieved with MeniCare Plus by enhancing wettability and reducing lens deposits. The use of Progent once a week is recommended for a more thorough cleaning and to remove protein deposits. Spray and Clean is a preservative-free solution for gentle, non-abrasive contact lens cleaning.

These solutions are ideal for orthokeratology, scleral and mini-scleral along with regular RGP lenses.

Contact: Menicon Australia (AUS) 08 8277 4545