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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsOculo Launches in NZ

Oculo Launches in NZ

Oculo, a cloud-based clinical communications platform between optometrists and ophthalmologists across Australia, will launch in New Zealand.

The Oculo platform is used by many leading optometry groups and ophthalmology practices in Australia, which benefit from the platform’s quality, timely clinical communications and business building tools. The move to New Zealand stemmed from a multi-year agreement signed with Specsavers earlier this year.

Oculo’s Australian rollout began in April 2016. The system is now used by more than 1,700 optometrists and 440 ophthalmologists. It has managed over 200,000 patients across Australia.

“We are excited to expand our network to the eye care professionals in New Zealand,” said Dr. Kate Taylor, CEO of Oculo. “Oculo is having a positive impact on quality and efficiency of patient care in Australia. We are excited that this can be extended to patients in New Zealand.”