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Monday / June 24.
HomemiproductsCrizal Sapphire UV

Crizal Sapphire UV

Crizal UV bears the Cancer Council logo because it blocks UV reflected off the back surface of lenses – every Crizal UV lens sold helps fund vital research in the fight against cancer. Now the Crizal technology has been expanded with Crizal Sapphire UV.

Standard anti-reflection coatings only reduce reflection of light along the primary angle of gaze around +/- 15 degrees. To avoid side reflections in photos or meetings, patients must turn their head to compensate.

Crizal Sapphire UV’s advanced algorithms have created multi-angular technology. An anti-reflection coating, which accounts for light at up to a 45 degree angle of gaze, provides patients with clearer lenses from all angles and with E-SPF 35* there is no compromise on ocular health.

Contact: Essilor Account Manager

*(except for index 1.5 = ESPF 10)