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Tuesday / June 18.
HomeminewsJono Hennessy Joins Sunshades Eyewear

Jono Hennessy Joins Sunshades Eyewear

Jonathan Hennessy Sceats, Louise Sceats and the Jono Hennessy Group (Jono Hennessy, Carter Bond and Zeffer) will join the Sunshades Eyewear business, effective 1 July 2018.

This official business partnership is the culmination of a personal and professional friendship that was started by Sunshades Eyewear founder, Betty Lasse and Jonathan Hennessy Sceats over 30 years ago. According to Jonathan Sceats, partnership marks a moment where two design-led and global Australian eyewear leaders join forces for their continued and shared success.

“Betty Lasse was my first account, and she was so supportive and wonderful. My designs at the time were a totally new look and not getting great interest. Betty then sold them well and Vogue did a story, so it was all then accepted,” said Mr. Hennessy Sceats.

“She would invite me to Sunshades functions years later even though our businesses were not connected. She was a very special person and I am grateful for her uplifting support. Today I see the same feelings surrounding the team at Sunshades, including her son Rodney Grunseit who continues Betty’s legacy so proudly.”

there is great joy in seeing someone recognise the quality and value of their lenses and frames, and of course looking fabulous and happy

Within an increasingly competitive business landscape, the partnership will enable the Jono Hennessy Group to design with independence, while harnessing the infrastructure of Sunshades Eyewear.

“Australian Design has always been my passion. Lucy Turnbull and I set up the Design Council at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney in the late 1980’s to promote Australian design in the corporate world,” said Mr. Hennessy Sceats, “so, if you look at Sunshades who design their own product, have an innovative design team focus, and export it around the world, there is no other Australian optical leader who does this in volume and are successful. That is the big reason I am joining forces with Sunshades; and to produce uplifted products for customers, and create an even prouder eyewear legacy for Australia.”

“With all the Sunshades team support we can go back to our roots for design and produce the best Australian optical designs… As we all know there is great joy in seeing someone recognise the quality and value of their lenses and frames, and of course looking fabulous and happy.”

Sunshades Eyewear welcomed the Jono Hennessy Group and confirmed its back-end support across merchandise planning, finance, and supply chain management. Sales of Jono Hennessy, Carter Bond and Zeffer will continue to be managed by the Jono Hennessy Group team.