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Wednesday / May 22.
HomemiproductsOptovue Avanti XR3 OCT With 3D OCT Angiography is here

Optovue Avanti XR3 OCT With 3D OCT Angiography is here

Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) is non-invasive and may be used for routine screening and management of retinal, choroidal and optic disc vascular disorders. Optovue was the first to release 3D OCT-A, AngioVueHD and AngioAnalytics upgrades for their Avanti OCT.

AngioVueHD imaging is useful to diagnose retinal vascular disorders including diabetic retinopathy; to show capillary dropout and micro aneurysms at the superficial and deep plexus layers, and to finely display retinal and choroidal neovascularisation.

AngioAnalytics features include quantification of non-flow and quantification of flow in the inner and outer retinal layers respectively; vessel density mapping; enlargement of the foveal avascular zone (FAZ); a-circularity index; trend reports for vessel density; FAZ area and perimeter; and AngioAnalytics of the optic nerve hypoplasia.

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