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Wednesday / June 19.
HomeminewsOphthalmic Nurses Launch First Practice Standards

Ophthalmic Nurses Launch First Practice Standards

The Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association National Council (AONANC) has launched the first professional Practice Standards for Ophthalmic Nurses in Australia.

The Standards, launched at AONA-Queensland’s 30th Conference in Brisbane, have been developed to provide individual nurses, employers and the wider eye care sector with a defined explanation of what is expected of ophthalmic nurses, within the contemporary Australian eye-healthcare system.

The Standards… provide individual nurses, employers and the wider eye care sector with a defined explanation of what is expected of ophthalmic nurses

In a statement, Heather Machin, Chair of AONANC said, “As we enter a period where there is increased need for nurse engagement and involvement in ophthalmic services, we as nurses need to understand our role, what is expected of us – and how we can support the wider eye care sector to reach the collective national eye care needs. The Framework provides that foundation.

“Our development team – spearheaded by Queensland Nurse Amanda Wylie, examined ophthalmic nursing frameworks from around the world, and cross-matched them to other nursing sub-specialist professionals in Australia, prior to devising a practice framework that is relevant to nursing and the eye care sector in Australia.”

Ms. Machin said the Standards were designed to sit within the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Registered Nurse Standards for Practice – Domains of professional practice.

“AONANC welcomes nurses, healthcare facilities and interested stakeholders to start using the document to guide practice. This invitation is also extended to our colleagues across the seas, who may find the Framework useful to help develop their own local or national version,” she said.

“On behalf of the National Council, I wish to thank the many nurses and stakeholders within Australia and beyond, who participated in the development of this Framework – from concept to launch, over the course of the past 10 years. We dedicate this achievement to each of you – and thank you for the positive contribution you have made to your profession, and those we care for,” said Ms. Machin.

The Standards In Brief

Domain 1: Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice
Standard 1: Acts to enhance the continual development of individual practice and that of the specialty
Standard 2: Advancing the specialist body of knowledge in Ophthalmic Nursing

Domain 2: Maintains the capability for practice
Standard 3: Demonstrates and maintains specialist knowledge in ophthalmic nursing

Domain 3: Engages in therapeutic and professional relationships
Standard 4: Engages in legal and ethical nursing practice
Standard 5: Engages in health promotion and education activities

Domain 4: Provision and co-ordination of care
Standard 6: Manages patient’s ophthalmic health care

Further Information

The Standards are available at www.aonanc.com.au/index.php/projects-publications. Implementation of the framework will be expanded upon in detail at the Nursing Day Conference at RANZCO in Adelaide on Sunday 18 November. Visit www.aonanc.com.au for details.