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Friday / August 19.
HomeminewsOA and Mivision Announce Content Sharing Partnership

OA and Mivision Announce Content Sharing Partnership

Optometry Australia and mivision have entered into a content sharing partnership. The partnership allows Optometry Australia to concentrate its efforts on delivering information to members on those activities it is undertaking to evolve and shape the sector and to enhance the role of optometrists in community health.

Optometry Australia’s CEO Lyn Brodie said, “We feel it is important that we increasingly strengthen these sorts of communications so that we keep members better informed of where our efforts go on their behalf.

“We are also delivering more news about our members and their achievements within optometry and the community.

“Our emphasis until recently was on delivering a wide range of sector news but we started to question why we were doing this when mivision was doing the same thing.

“Rather than compete, we felt we would deliver better value if we entered into a content sharing partnership with mivision,” said Ms. Brodie.

The partnership enables Optometry Australia to share original news stories published on mivision.com.au/news on the organisation’s website and likewise, mivision may re-publish any original news stories on mivision.com.au that appear in the News and Features section of optometry.org.au.

“This allows us to focus efforts on boosting member support – such as enhancing our member hotline and the delivery of quality webcasts – which is central to our current strategic plan,” said Ms Brodie.

mivision Managing Director Todd Tai said the partnership was a win-win for both organisations.

“Our aim is to support eye health professionals with timely, objective information. This partnership allows great efficiencies as it means that we don’t have to have two organisations essentially doing the same thing.

“For mivision we know the stories published by Optometry Australia are well reported, accurate and timely. Being able to access and republish them quickly means that we don’t have to overcome delays associated with researching and writing,” said Mr. Tai.

Both Ms. Brodie and Mr. Tai agreed that this means real efficiencies for both organisations and importantly, value for the optometry sector.

They are adamant that editorial independence will remain paramount, ensuring that neither organisation has the right to interfere with the editorial direction or decisions of the other.

Optometry Australia continues to employ experienced journalists and writers who remain responsible for the generation of news published on optometry.org.au and promoted in the fortnightly Focus electronic newsletter, as well as the delivery of Pharma, Equipment and Clinical and Experimental Optometry.


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