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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsSoft Contact Lenses: Future for Myopia Control

Soft Contact Lenses: Future for Myopia Control

Queensland optometrist and clinical researcher Dr Kate Gifford has stated in a video interview for optometrists that there is now a vast amount of research and increasing options for practitioners to practice myopia control. She believes multifocal soft contact lenses will be a widespread future approach to myopia management, because “they pretty much always fit”, there are inherent advantages in being daily disposables and they are available in a higher ranges of power.

Pointing to research by Professor Mark Bullimore, Dr Gifford said eye care practitioners need to be braver when prescribing contact lenses for children – research has found that children aged eight to 12 were safer wearers of contact lenses than teenagers.

Listen to Dr Gifford’s short video presentation on paediatric myopia now.

For more information about myopia management, visit Dr Gifford’s website myopiaprofile.com or Managemyopia.org.