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Saturday / May 18.
HomemiproductsZeiss AT LARA Toric for Astigmatic Patients

Zeiss AT LARA Toric for Astigmatic Patients

Zeiss offers a wide range of toric intraocular lenses (IOLs) to meet the needs of patients’ clinical conditions and their preferences. The newest addition is the AT LARA toric – a next generation extended depth of focus (EDoF) IOL now available for astigmatic patients, which provides a wider range of focus than other EDoF IOLs,1 as well as excellent optical performance and quality of vision.

AT LARA toric, with proven rotational stability,2 is designed to provide a high degree of spectacle independence and to induce less visual side effects compared to multifocal IOLs, enabling excellent vision over a wide range of distances. Zeiss toric IOLs are available in up to +12 dioptre in cylinder and in 0.5 dioptre steps, providing up to 2,000 different IOL combinations.

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