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Monday / April 15.
HomemiproductsDry Eye Station Streamlines Patient Management

Dry Eye Station Streamlines Patient Management

FM Eyecare has designed a dry eye station to help optometrists and ophthalmologists streamline the diagnosis, treatment, and management of dry eye patients.

The dry eye station comprises the Antares topographer and tear film analyser for disease diagnosis and management; the E-Eye intense pulsed light device for treatment; and a MedSpace desk – a purpose designed, height adjustable equipment table – which can be custom made to suit the layout and size of consultation rooms.

Antares Topographer and Tear Film Analyser

The Antares is a versatile, user-friendly, all in one topographer / tear film analyser. It offers an infrared meibography function to easily identify the severity of MG atrophy from level zero (healthy MG) to four (severe loss of MG). In doing so, eye care professionals can determine whether treatment will be effective. The Antares is also used to determine disease severity by measuring tear meniscus and most importantly, the non-invasive tear break up time (NIBUT). The Antares dry eye report and NIBUT videos help patients better understand their dry eye and make decisions regarding IPL treatments.

Aside from dry eye management, the Antares topographer enables eye care professionals to perform pupillography and identify contact lenses best suited to patients’ corneas. It is particularly useful for orthokeratology.

MedSpace Adjustable Height Desk

FM Eyecare’s dry eye station is complete with an adjustable height desk, custom designed and manufactured in Australia to fit into your consultation room. The desk has been purpose designed to optomise workflow and treatment time, while improving safety, comfort, and the overall treatment experience. The design features a programmable control system, cable management system, and antimicrobial protection. It is suitable for patients in wheelchairs and can fit two to five devices as well as a computer.


The E-Eye is the first medical device specifically designed and certified to prevent and treat dry eye using intense pulsed light technology. It is the only IPL device available using a patented neurostimulation technology that helps the meibomian glands (MGs) to naturally return to their normal function. In a single flash, the device stimulates the glands and delivers infrareds that will help with inflammation and improve lipid quality. According to FM Eyecare, it has been shown to effectively treat meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and efficiently treat mild, medium and severe dry eye.

Marketed in Australia and New Zealand since 2014, E-Eye works by stimulating the parasympathetic nerve to unblock MGs. It is currently the reference in the country with over 200 practices equipped. FM Eyecare cites studies showing E-Eye treatment improves NIBUT, evaporation rate and tear meniscus. The improvement lasts approximately one week after the initial session, two to three weeks after the second treatment, and up to 29 months after the third. To ensure a maximum lasting relief, a fourth session is recommended.

A recent significant reduction in the price of the E-Eye device makes this an affordable solution for dry eye care.

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