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Saturday / April 20.
HomemiproductsEye-Light OPE/IPL Technology

Eye-Light OPE/IPL Technology

Eye-Light uses the synergy between photobiostimulation and pulsed light to treat dry eye syndrome. The combined action of the two technologies provides direct and indirect treatment of lower and upper eyelids. The patented OPE/IPL technology is unique to Eye-Light and does not require the application of gel. According to Insight Surgical, ongoing costs are minimal, it is very safe and has TGA, FDA and CE certification.

Photobiostimulation / LLLT (low level light therapy) is also fully managed by the proprietary software. A stress free 20 minute session of gentle LLLT treatment produces immediate results, often leading to return client visits.

Eye-Light can be combined with moist heat therapy and gland expression for a comprehensive in-practice dry eye treatment regime.

Contact: Designs For Vision (AUS) 1800 225 307