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Wednesday / May 22.
HomeminewsVivid Vision Partners With ACBO

Vivid Vision Partners With ACBO

The Vivid Vision virtual reality (VR) system – developed to treat strabismus, amblyopia and vergence disorders for adults and children – has been expanded with the arrival of Vivid Vision Home – a home-based vision therapy solution that patients can use under supervision of their optometrist.

Represented in Australia and New Zealand by FM Eyecare, Vivid Vision’s virtual reality system includes Vivid Vision Suite software, a VR ready desktop computer, an Oculus Rift headset, a Leap Motion Controller and an Xbox controller.

Over 230 clinics in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia use Vivid Vision’s patented virtual reality platform, which projects immersive therapeutic tools in a life size, 3D, virtual environment without the constraints associated with TV or computer screens. Activities commence at the patient’s angle of deviation and the angle is decreased as the patient improves. The system also work to improve vergence ranges and includes jump duction to increase fusion ranges. Distance and near activities are all in the one device.

Until recently, the system has only been available for in practice treatment under the supervision of an eye care professional. The arrival of Vivid Vision Home aims to increase compliance with in office treatment, follow up and maintenance therapy, and continuity of care. It offers a suite of games, tests, and activities that optometrists can configure remotely. Using the system’s easy to use dashboard they can enrol, manage, and monitor their patients at their convenience.

“With Vivid Vision, we offer new hope to people suffering from amblyopia and strabismus. The treatment is not only helpful for children but also for adults. It has the potential to change peoples’ lives”, said Aurelien Coursodon, Managing Director at France Medical.

According to Mr  Coursodon, a study released by UVEA Mediklinik in Slovakia showed promising results, with 60% of patients increasing their visual acuity by one to three lines after just eight 40 minute sessions using the Vivid Vision VR system. Additional studies are underway to support the first results of the study in Slovakia.

“The overall experience of patients is already very promising with over 14,000 people treated with Vivid Vision so far,” said Mr Coursodon.

ACBO Member Offer

The Vivid Vision virtual reality system has been embraced by behavioural optometrists and in acknowledgement of their support, Vivid Vision has become a gold sponsor of the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO).

ACBO members are able to purchase the Vivid Vision system at an exclusive price of AU$14,990 (MSRP $21,900) with special financing available, and a portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated back to the organisation. Additionally, ACBO members will receive a free Oculus Go headset with their purchase, courtesy of FM Eyecare.

ACBO President Steve Leslie said his organisation was proud of its association with Vivid Vision.

“The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry (ACBO) is proud to partner with Vivid Vision in delivering the latest technology to help in treating amblyopia and strabismus.

“Virtual reality technology offers effective and patient friendly vision therapy activities to treat amblyopia and binocular vision disorders, including convergence insufficiency and moderate strabismus, for both children and adults, delivered in-office and combined with home therapy practice,” he said.