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Saturday / June 22.
HomemiproductsEndo Optiks Ophthalmic Laser Microendoscopy System

Endo Optiks Ophthalmic Laser Microendoscopy System

The Endo Optiks E2 is a combined endoscopic imaging and laser system. It incorporates an 810nm diode laser, Xenon light source and medical grade video camera components. The system is compatible with most 532nm lasers.

Among its many uses are endocyclophotocoagulation (ECP) and phaco/ECP for the treatment of glaucoma as well as endoscopic vitrectomy, membanectomy, laser photocoagulation and ocular trauma management in vitreoretinal surgery.

The coaxial illumination, imaging and laser probes are available in 23 and 19 gauge straight and curved designs to allow for many posterior and anterior eye procedures. The Endo Optiks system can provide surgeons with a view of the posterior segment when a view through the operating microscope is obstructed by corneal or lens opacification, miotic pupils or haemorrhage.

With its Sony medical grade monitor for viewing and recording procedures, this is an excellent teaching and training tool.

Contact: Device Technologies (AUS) 1300 338 423