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Monday / April 15.
HomeminewsOptometry Australia Launches New Website

Optometry Australia Launches New Website

Optometry Australia has launched a new website, which will be the main source of information on the optometry sector for members, as well as stakeholders and the general health sector.

The result of a collaborative process the national association, its members, and state organisations, Optometry Australia’s President Darrell Baker said Optometry Australia has embraced the most advanced technology available to meet member demands for fast and easy access to information, education programs, networking and community building.

We were determined to build a site that added significant value to our members and likewise, that provided us with an advanced member engagement platform

“The new Optometry Australia website is perfectly aligned with the organisation’s strategic goal of leading, engaging and promoting optometry, optometrists and community eye health,” he said.

CEO, Lyn Brodie said, “We were determined to build a site that added significant value to our members and likewise, that provided us with an advanced member engagement platform.

“Our goal is to ensure that our site is information rich with content that supports members in their practise of optometry.

“Extensive feedback from members, an exhaustive search for the right technology and web developer, and a thorough development plan have assisted us to meet our goal.”

Single Sign On for Members

Optometry Australia has introduced single sign on capabilities which eliminates the need for members to have multiple passwords and usernames to traverse across the organisation’s multi-digital footprint incorporating the member database, CPD platform and several external education portals.

“This aspect of the development was probably the most complex and challenging for our developers,” said Ms Brodie.

Additional major tech advancements integrated within the site include:
• Advanced search – modelling Google, information that matters to individual members will now be easy and quick to find,
• Intuitive content delivery – as the website starts to understand individual user behaviour, it will recognise what content is of most interest to them and it will serve up tailored content each time the user/member returns, and
• User tracking which will provide Optometry Australia with a deeper understanding of the information that members find most relevant.

These major advancements will enable the organisation to continually refine, promote and adapt content.
Following the launch of phase one, the new Optometry Australia website will continue to evolve with additional features to be added over time.

“Digital evolution is an ongoing challenge. The launch of our new website is a major achievement for Optometry Australia and our members, and represents our strong commitment to the provision of high quality member services, as well as advocating community eye health to Australians,” Ms Brodie said.