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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsZeiss Announces Breakthrough Technologies at ARVO

Zeiss Announces Breakthrough Technologies at ARVO

Zeiss has announced several breakthroughs in digital technologies and high-resolution imaging at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in San Diego this month (May, 2019).

Digital Visualisation Platform

Among the announcements was the launch of the Artevo 800, the first digital microscope in ophthalmic surgery.

Jim Mazzo, Global President of Ophthalmic Devices at Carl Zeiss Meditec, described the Artevo 800 as “a new era of ophthalmic visualisation for more certainty in surgery… Developed with surgeons for surgeons, the Artevo 800 is going to change the future of surgical care by revolutionising visualisation, information, comfort and workflow in the operating room”.

The Artevo 800 comes with a new feature called ‘DigitalOptics’, which Zeiss claims provides unmatched depth of field, drastically reduced light intensity requirements, and real colour impression for increased certainty. It also provides digital assistance and detailed information to surgical vision in real-time. Artevo 800 comes with cloud connectivity to the Zeiss Cataract Suite, allowing surgeons to access patient data remotely.

High-resolution, Ultra-widefield Imaging with Angiography

Clarustm 700 is the first device that combines ultra-widefield UWF imaging, excellent image quality, and a full range of fundus imaging modalities, including fundus angiography. The high-resolution ultra-widefield (UWF) camera with angiography offers true colour closely approximating the natural colouration of the retina, as viewed through direct observation.

According to Zeiss, the Clarus 700 uses a fast and easy workflow with a simple interface and time-saving data, to provide a comprehensive fundus exam, diagnoses, treatment planning, and disease management. It provides the ability to quantify disease progression and respond with a measured therapeutic action in high resolution ultra-widefield images. Changes can be visualised with high-resolution details from the posterior pole to the periphery.

All fundus imaging modalities can be managed in one session from one device without having to reposition the patient.

Over Two Million SMILE Treatments Worldwide

Two million Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) treatments have now been completed by more than 1800 surgeons worldwide across over 70 countries. Zeiss has announced that it has commenced a SMILE clinical trial in hyperopic patients outside the USA.